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Software Engineer at Development Seed
News and graphics at @PostGraphics.
Software engineer and visualization enthusiast. Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with no dogs.
Visual journalist (infographics and design).
ADB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty.
Data Visualization & GIS at Eurostat. Exploring new ways of making maps.
Journalist at ProPublica from Seattle.
Data Engineer and aspiring Data Visualization Journalist, you can reach me at
Independent Data Analytics Consultant, passionate about data visualization and storytelling · she/her 🏳️‍🌈
We provide a unique web-based platform for geographic network analysis, data visualization, and route-planning.
Stats | Art | Data Science | SciComm | Teaching
math & informatics teacher
The Ambassador program is made up of a group of inclusive, collaborative, and curious minds in the Observable community.
I explore Wikidata and Wikipedia using Observable notebooks.
Software engineer, available for freelance work! • he/him/his
Head of Communications @Observable
Olá! My name is Sandra and I work with Dataviz in beautiful Lisbon 🙋🏼‍♀️ I'm a visual analyst and researcher with a passion for data storytelling and statistics to uncover patterns in human behaviour and societies 💞
Data Analyst & Visualisation Designer in Finance. Erstwhile Marine Scientist.
Community & Events Manager | Based in San Francisco, CA | 🏍 rider
Tinkering with code and algorithms for fun
Showing 1-30 of 45 following