Carmen Torrecillas


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Maps — and other representations of the world.
Fil’s live coding experiments
Stats | Art | Data Science | SciComm | Teaching
Trase is a supply chain transparency initiative that seeks to transform our understanding of how companies and governments involved in the trade of agricultural commodities are linked to impacts and opportunities for more sustainable production
Data Visualization & GIS at Eurostat. Exploring new ways of making maps.
Data Scientist and Visualization Engineer with a background in spatial analytics and mapping.
Data Visualisation Enthusiast
Full-stack data visualizer. That means I enjoy doing everything, from raw data to revealing & pretty interactive data visualizations.
data janitor
Social development practitioner. Trying to understand our world.
Data Analyst & Visualisation Designer in Finance. Erstwhile Marine Scientist.
News and graphics at @PostGraphics.
Visualizing a changing planet for The Washington Post
Award-winning creative focused on data-driven art and visualizations, trying to push the boundaries of the web one visual story at a time ✨
Front-end & DataViz (also DDJ) | Doing things at civio.es | Self-learning D3 🤓 (any help is welcomed, don't be too harsh)
Software Engineer @ Canva | music, color theory, Australian democracy, situated software & generative art
Creative Technologist, Data Scientist, Generative Artist (generatecoll)
Generative artist, sharing my journey in visual experiments.
Bring your data to life.
Data visualization designer. Now Digital Designer at the Financial Times. Before at UCB Biopharma, BBC News & the Senseable City Lab. I like making dots move on the screen
The AI community building the future.
Engineering @huggingface 🤗. Data visualization enthusiast. Creative technologist. Open for collaborations.
chaos is in the eye of the beholder
Hi. I'm Nicolas Lambert, research engineer in geographic information science at CNRS (France). My job is to draw maps and teach cartography at the university. I am a geographer 🌎, and not really a developer 🖥️
Showing 1-30 of 51 following