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Designer, Artist, Researcher, Educator @sugi2000lab . co-translator for Japanese edition of “Generative Design” and “Code as Creative Medium”.
Hi. I'm Nicolas Lambert, research engineer in geographic information science at CNRS (France). My job is to draw maps and teach cartography at the university. I am a geographer 🌎, and not really a developer 🖥️
Data Visualization Engineer
Data visualization and hacktivism from Buenos Aires, Argentina. (A Graph designer trying to code)
Mathematics student at UChicago
Data Analyst & Visualisation Designer in Finance. Erstwhile Marine Scientist.
News and graphics at @PostGraphics.
Olá! My name is Sandra and I work with Dataviz in beautiful Lisbon 🙋🏼‍♀️ I'm a visual analyst and researcher with a passion for data storytelling and statistics to uncover patterns in human behaviour and societies 💞
Doing data analysis and visualization in the investigative journalism team N+ Focus (Televisa-Univision). On my way to becoming a Graphics Reporter. Hablo español and sometimes english.
Data graphics developer at Gapminder. Teacher at DIS Stockholm. Escaping flatland one chart at a time.
Showing 1-30 of 128 followers