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Array manipulation, ordering, searching, summarizing, etc.
Human-readable reference marks for scales.
Select a one- or two-dimensional region using the mouse or touch.
D3 examples as reusable functions! Ready for import or copy-paste.
Visualizations relationships or network flow with an aesthetically-pleasing circular layout.
Color spaces! RGB, HSL, Cubehelix, Lab (CIELAB) and HCL (CIELCH).
Compute contour polygons using marching squares.
Compute the Voronoi diagram of a set of two-dimensional points.
Register named callbacks and call them with arguments.
Drag and drop SVG, HTML or Canvas using mouse or touch input.
A parser and formatter for delimiter-separated values, such as CSV and TSV.
Easing functions for smooth animation.
Convenient parsing for Fetch.
Force-directed graph layout using velocity Verlet integration.
Format numbers for human consumption.
Geographic projections, spherical shapes and spherical trigonometry.
Clipping and geometric operations for spherical polygons.
Extended geographic projections for D3.
Group two-dimensional points into hexagonal bins.
2D layout algorithms for visualizing hierarchical data.
Interpolate numbers, colors, strings, arrays, objects, whatever!
Serialize Canvas path commands to SVG.
Geometric operations for two-dimensional polygons.
Two-dimensional recursive spatial subdivision.
Generate random numbers from various distributions.
Visualize flow between nodes in a directed acyclic network.
Encodings that map abstract data to visual representation.
Sequential, diverging and categorical color scales.
Transform the DOM by selecting elements and joining to data.
Showing 1-30 of 39 collections