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playing with space, shape, colour & composition
I love to build dataviz for insight discovery. I also love to put technology to the service of humanity
Designer of broken states.
CTO chez @heavenagency - MagicMorning Founder - Film Maker & Photographer based in #lille, #politics, #oceanlife + #velorution & #skateanywhere
Freelance Information Designer • Visual / Data Journalist. Also a fan of Machine Learning.
I’m a graphic designer and data visualiser. Colours, patterns, and data get my pulse racing!
In New Zealand being kid of human. We might make mistakes but we will make other things too. - Michael Joseph Savage
Data sculptor |
Head of Communications @Observable
data janitor
Software Engineer @ Canva | music, color theory, Australian democracy, situated software & generative art
Head of Engineering @Observable
math & informatics teacher