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Independent Data Analytics Consultant, passionate about data visualization and storytelling · she/her 🏳️‍🌈
Student of math, d3, svg, etc. Prototyper of visualizations for electronics design and test.
Data Visualization Specialist | Previously @PostGraphics @WSJ @SenseableCity
@EarthScope | aerobatic pilot | So-Cal
I love to build dataviz for insight discovery. I also love to put technology to the service of humanity
Faculty Member | Exploring interactive visual teaching tools in Industrial Engineering classes
Research scientist. I like maps, code and data visualisation. I keep an eye on anything that can fly, an ear for fipradio and a foot ready for next trail.
🧩 Extracting knowledge from the web at @apify 👨‍💻 Software engineer interested in stuff
Wandering R user.
Data Analyst with a passion for Data visualization and storytelling
I love building things that make people's life easier
Showing 31-60 of 149 followers