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data visualization engineer | Tableau Ambassador | founder, Women in Dataviz
Software engineer and visualization enthusiast. Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with no dogs.
News and graphics at @PostGraphics.
Full-stack data visualizer. That means I enjoy doing everything, from raw data to revealing & pretty interactive data visualizations.
Software engineer, available for freelance work! • he/him/his
Head coach data science @neuefische, @pyladieshamburg organizer , vice chair on the @python Software Verband, managing member @PSF and part of the D&I PSF work group
Curious human. Interested in the mechanics of how things work.
Data Visualization Specialist | Previously @PostGraphics @WSJ @SenseableCity
Visualizing a changing planet for The Washington Post
Maps and Chartjunk for @nprapps
Independent Data Analytics Consultant, passionate about data visualization and storytelling · she/her 🏳️‍🌈
Data Designer and Content Creator
Engineer at Mapbox, creator of Leaflet, algorithms geek, open source enthusiast, musician, father of twin girls, Ukrainian. 🇺🇦
Data visualisation at @civio, a non-profit journalism organisation specialising in public data and access to information.
I explore Wikidata and Wikipedia using Observable notebooks.
Data visualization designer. Now Digital Designer at the Financial Times. Before at UCB Biopharma, BBC News & the Senseable City Lab. I like making dots move on the screen
Stats | Art | Data Science | SciComm | Teaching
Engineer and researcher looking at the intersection of accessibility and complex, data-driven interfaces and systems.
Award-winning creative focused on data-driven art and visualizations, trying to push the boundaries of the web one visual story at a time ✨
Showing 31-53 of 53 following