Harry Stevens


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data janitor
Geospatial Engineer and Researcher @ppids-ugm
RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland
Journalist + Developer in Boston.
Developer in ABC News' Story Lab
News dev at the San Francisco Chronicle. Previous designer/dev at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Independent data visualisation designer, trainer, speaker and award-winning journalist
Ph.D. Student at UC Berkeley EECS. Prev. @FormidableLabs.
Interested in data visualisation, maps, JavasScript, and geology
Hi. I'm Nicolas Lambert, research engineer in geographic information science at CNRS (France). My job is to draw maps and teach cartography at the university. I am a geographer 🌎, and not really a developer 🖥️
Data visualisation at @civio, a non-profit journalism organisation specialising in public data and access to information.
I like working on things that seem out of my reach. Houston, Tx
Cartography and datavisualization at Sciences Po
Graphics Developer at Bloomberg News
Freelance Data Visualization Engineer and Consultant
Software engineer, available for freelance work! • he/him/his
Engineering @huggingface 🤗. Data visualization enthusiast. Creative technologist. Open for collaborations.
Showing 1-30 of 35 followers