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Independent Data Analytics Consultant, passionate about data visualization and storytelling · she/her 🏳️‍🌈
Stats | Art | Data Science | SciComm | Teaching
GreyNoise is a cybersecurity platform that collects and analyzes Internet-wide scan and attack traffic. Know More Noise.
Hi. I'm Nicolas Lambert, research engineer in geographic information science at CNRS (France). My job is to draw maps and teach cartography at the university. I am a geographer 🌎, and not really a developer 🖥️
R and JavaScript developer. Open to collaborations!
I map 🗺️ & graph 📈 data 🈸
Stories with data, visuals & code at CNN.
Award-winning creative focused on data-driven art and visualizations, trying to push the boundaries of the web one visual story at a time ✨
Use data to think, together.