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Professor of Visual Analytics interested in design, geovisualization, visual storytelling and computational thinking.
I love to build dataviz for insight discovery. I also love to put technology to the service of humanity
Tinkering with code and algorithms for fun
Maps, Data, Viz, UX Design
Visualizing a changing planet for The Washington Post
dataviz engineer w/ passion for algorithms, maps & music
Computer Graphics & Visualization
Digital Humanist. Manhattan-based.
Hi. I'm Nicolas Lambert, research engineer in geographic information science at CNRS (France). My job is to draw maps and teach cartography at the university. I am a geographer 🌎, and not really a developer 🖥️
Generative artist, sharing my journey in visual experiments.
News and graphics at @PostGraphics.
I'm a professor of mathematics at the University of North Carolina Asheville. I've also done a fair amount of consulting work over the years focusing on scientific and data visualization. I'm happy to be part of the first Observable Ambassador's cohort.
Web developer and autodidact with an interest in creative coding.