Maria Ciampa


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I love to build dataviz for insight discovery. I also love to put technology to the service of humanity
Strong with the Force. Likes to draw ✍️
Principal Web Developer at Freedom of the Press Foundation
Graduate student who spends her free time hijacking math for poetry purposes.
Independent Data Analytics Consultant, passionate about data visualization and storytelling · she/her 🏳️‍🌈
Maps — and other representations of the world.
Use data to think, together.
The Ambassador program is made up of a group of inclusive, collaborative, and curious minds in the Observable community.
Data visualization/Interactive media and full-stack data science web app developer.
Data Visualization & GIS at Eurostat. Exploring new ways of making maps.
Visualizing a changing planet for The Washington Post
Social development practitioner. Trying to understand our world.
data visualization developer @observable, runner, musician
Engineer and researcher looking at the intersection of accessibility and complex, data-driven interfaces and systems.
Data Viz Engineer. Author of Practical UI Patterns for Design Systems. Creator of Typey Type for Stenographers.
artist & programmer
Head coach data science @neuefische, @pyladieshamburg organizer , vice chair on the @python Software Verband, managing member @PSF and part of the D&I PSF work group
Web developer and autodidact with an interest in creative coding.