Martien van Steenbergen


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Visual arty impressions. Often vector art like logos, icons, and such.
How does all this stuff like SVG, CSS, D3.js, JavaScript actually work? A playground for investigation. Raw and rough.
Font Laboratory & Factory
On functional programming (mostly in JavaScript).
To me, rhythm is right up the center of music, and if you start with the drums and get that right, then all the other stuff that requires brain and hard work has a place to go and it all fits much better. —Peter Gabriel
Just a bunch of tiny helpers
A Hoshin Kanri is a special kind of Martien Matrix, showing vision, strategy, tactics and observable evidence on a single plate.
A set of Martien Matrices, from a simple dependency matrix to an advanced hoshin kanri x-matrix.
Where grains of sand cultivate into pearls. A place for research, experiments, and measurements.
Explore Plot, its features and quirks.
When notebooks have grown and matured to a level that you may also enjoy them, they will show up here.
Getting a fundamental grip on SVG’s power.
Small stuff that may come in handy at times.
X-matrices come in sizes and shapes. Get inspired here and fork any one you like to make on yourself.