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I love to build dataviz for insight discovery. I also love to put technology to the service of humanity
Computational Designer, Data Visualizer and HCI researcher.
Information designer, data visualization engineer📈, 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
EE & Biomed Maj. Interests: -Borges -Cooperatives -Embedded Systems -Fair Tech -Meditation -Democracy
🧩 Extracting knowledge from the web at @apify 👨‍💻 Software engineer interested in stuff
Developer in ABC News' Story Lab
News dev at the San Francisco Chronicle. Previous designer/dev at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Faculty member in Industrial Eng. Dept. Developing interactive learning tools for my classes on streamlit & observablehq
Designer, Coder, Journalist, Storyteller
Víctor Pascual Cid. PhD, Data Visualization expert and lecturer. Co-founder of where I visualize data. I enjoy making explicit the implicit.
Showing 1-30 of 159 followers