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UW Computer Science Professor. Co-Founder of Trifacta. Data, visualization & interaction. @uwdata @trifacta @d3 @vega
Cartography and datavisualization at Sciences Po
Cartography associate professor (MCF) at Toulouse-Jean Jaurès university.
Software engineer and visualization enthusiast. Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with no dogs.
Data Viz Designer @ Cato Institute
Software Engineer @ Canva | music, color theory, Australian democracy, situated software & generative art
Tinkering with code and algorithms for fun
Web developer and autodidact with an interest in creative coding.
Engineer at Mapbox, creator of Leaflet, algorithms geek, open source enthusiast, musician, father of twin girls, Ukrainian. 🇺🇦
math animations, geometric visuals, always learning
Building a better computational medium. Founder @observablehq. Creator @d3. Former @nytgraphics. Pronounced BOSS-tock.