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Software Engineer @ Canva | music, color theory, Australian democracy, situated software & generative art
Data visualization, Power BI custom visuals, Tableau extensions, Interactive media and full-stack data science web app developer.
Applied Mathematics.
Data sculptor |
dad, viz nerd, amateur cook, product designer
Aspiring Data Scientist. Currently studying Law and Business
I learn new things everyday. Now focusing on AI and NLP.
design + engineering @ Ramp
Data visualisation at @civio, a non-profit journalism organisation specialising in public data and access to information.
Full Stack Software Engineer at Alteryx in Boston, MA
Freelance Data Visualization Engineer and Consultant
📜JavaScript developer. 🐲RPG fan. 📚Storyteller and 🕹game developer. 👨Father and Husband.
Showing 1-30 of 51 followers