Visnu Pitiyanuvath


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playing with space, shape, colour & composition
@EarthScope | aerobatic pilot | So-Cal
Data Scientist at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research and Lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business
I build things with data.
Scientist by education. Working on web tools for big scientific data visualization
Do not go gentle into good night
Software Engineer @ Canva | music, color theory, Australian democracy, situated software & generative art
Developer in ABC News' Story Lab
Software engineer and visualization enthusiast. Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with no dogs.
Social development practitioner. Trying to understand our world.
data janitor
Professor of Visual Analytics interested in design, geovisualization, visual storytelling and computational thinking.
Web developer and autodidact with an interest in creative coding.
Wise Fool. Visioneer.
Consultant Designer & Developer
Visualization toolmaker. Co-founder @observablehq. Creator @d3. Former @nytgraphics. Pronounced BOSS-tock.
math & informatics teacher
I like working on things that seem out of my reach. Houston, Tx
Software Developer @observablehq
Head of Communications @Observable
Showing 1-30 of 33 followers