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design+data+people nerd ❦ previously partner at IDEO, co-founded Datascope
Social development practitioner. Trying to understand our world.
Lic. en Ciencias de la Computación, DC, FCEyN, UBA. Profesor Asociado en el ITBA.
Trying to be a social data researcher. Kallio, Helsinki, Finland. I like to data, but been mostly doing raw communications so far.
playing with space, shape, colour & composition
🧩 Extracting knowledge from the web at @apify 👨‍💻 Software engineer interested in stuff
Data scientist and front-end developer at
Engineer at Mapbox, creator of Leaflet, algorithms geek, open source enthusiast, musician, father of twin girls, Ukrainian. 🇺🇦
Hi! I'm a Design Technologist based in Portland, Oregon (USA).
Showing 1-30 of 45 followers