Yuri Vishnevsky


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The AI community building the future.
Visualizing a changing planet for The Washington Post
Stories with data, visuals & code at CNN.
Data Analyst & Visualisation Designer in Finance. Erstwhile Marine Scientist.
software engineer
Tinkering with code and algorithms for fun
News and graphics at @PostGraphics.
Data visualization and analysis at the University of Washington, Seattle.
UW Computer Science Professor. Co-Founder of Trifacta. Data, visualization & interaction. @uwdata @trifacta @d3 @vega
Engineer at Mapbox, creator of Leaflet, algorithms geek, open source enthusiast, musician, father of twin girls, Ukrainian. 🇺🇦
Maps — and other representations of the world.
geodetic computer
Web developer and autodidact with an interest in creative coding.
Software engineer, available for freelance work! • he/him/his
Showing 1-30 of 36 following