On May the 4th of 2021, we introduced Observable Plot to the world with a special live-coding data visualization session. Visnu Pitiyanuvath, Software Engineer and one of our resident Star Wars experts at Observable, led our team in a rapid-fire data exploration of Star Wars movie scripts. DataViz Developers Ian Johnson and Mike Freeman supported Visnu in his quest to create these visualizations and help field audience suggestions and questions. We promise you haven't seen visualizations like this in any galaxy before...

Today we celebrate both the 1 year anniversary of Observable Plot and May The 4th. Please take a look back at this fascinating data exploration of Star Wars movie scripts using Observable Plot. You can also watch the stream on YouTube.

And if you too are a data-curious Star Wars fan, feel free to fork this notebook and do some additional exploration. We would love to see what everyone discovers and we encourage you to share this notebook with other Star Wars or Observable fans!

May the 4th Be With You. Always.

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