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Visualize the phases of the moon as seen from anywhere in the world, then print it as a paper-cut template!
If you want to visualize data on the web, you need to be able to interact with your data using JavaScript. Data manipulation can (and should) happen in JavaScript!
Since we launched our new Embedding Tool in October, our community has created and shared thousands of embeds that have been seen around the world. Here's a list of the Top 10 Embeds of 2020.
In his 100th published notebook, a designer/maker/teacher reflects on a yearlong journey of creative coding in Observable, passing through SVGs, animation, WebGL, and more.
Learn some of the core tricks behind domain coloring, a simple and well-explored technique for visualizing functions in the complex plane using contours for magnitude and color for phase.
Learn how to quickly build a customer-facing SaaS product in Observable with this tutorial, which covers login, persisting customer data, security, charging money & more.
Washington Post journalists explain how they used U.S. census data, d3.js and streams to generate dot-density maps and render them to canvas.
The global coronavirus death toll is broken down using a streamgraph, showing how many people have died every day since it began.
Explore different possible outcomes of the 2020 US Presidential Election, depending on who wins each of a set of swing states.
An interactive, colorful recreation of a space-filling fractal curve.