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For individual creators and people getting started with Observable
Unlimited notebooks
Unlimited publishing
Five editors per notebook


For groups who need to collaborate in private workspaces
per editor/month
billed annually*
Everything in Free, plus…
Unlimited editors per notebook
Unlimited free team viewers
One month free trial
* $15 when billed monthly


For companies with advanced security and support needs
per editor/month*
Everything in Team, plus…
Advanced security and authentication
Dedicated support
Onboarding help
One month free trial
* 25 editor minimum
All dollar amounts are in USD.

Free public teams
Edit and collaborate in public with free teams
and live notebooks. Learn more
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Core features

Public notebooks and collectionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Private notebooks and collectionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
File attachments 50 MB per file 50 MB per file 50 MB per file
Manage notebooks through versioning, forking, suggesting, and merging
Export notebooks for live embedding
Data access and integration with any Web API
Serverless API access to notebook content
Database proxies (Observable-hosted or self-hosted) in private notebooks
Database access and secrets in shared notebooks


Real-time, concurrent notebook editing
Notebook-level access control (editors, viewers)
Editors per notebookUp to 5UnlimitedUnlimited
Private viewers per notebookUp to 5UnlimitedUnlimited
Public and private comments
Link-sharing notebooks (unlisted publishing)

Administration and Security

Authentication via Google (and GSuite), Twitter, and Github
Control access by authentication domain
Control publishing of notebooks
SSO through OpenConnect (OKTA, Azure, etc.)
Coming soon


Community support through our Forum
Email support response times (business hours PST)24 hr8 hr4 hr
Onboarding and annual training program
Early access to new product features
Quarterly reviews (requests, roadmap, open issues)
Customer Success Manager


What’s the difference between a viewer and an editor in a team?

Viewers can view a private notebook that is shared with them, but they cannot make any changes to the notebook. Editors can make changes and collaborate in a notebook, and also control access to the notebook. Viewers can, however, fork a notebook and then edit their own version of it.

What are the file attachment limits?

When you upload files to your notebooks (eg: .csv, .svg, .png files), we limit the size of each file to 50 MB. There’s also a rolling quota of 1 GB over a 28 day period per user on uploads. For teams, we pool the quota for all team editors.

Will I be able to export my notebooks?

Yes! You can download your code as native JavaScript modules that will run anywhere using the open-source Observable runtime. You can also embed your whole notebook or specific cells on many platforms using iframes or script tags. Or you can download cell charts and images as .png or .svg files. Learn more here.

Do you have support for private data?

Yes! We support secrets (encrypted access keys) and database connections to access data sources from private notebooks. In our Team and Enterprise tiers, you can share these private notebooks with your teams who can then access these data sources securely. Learn more here.

Do you offer any special pricing or discounts?

Yes! We have special discounts for education, non-profits and startups. Please reach out to us at to discuss your needs.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at