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Observable’s end-to-end solution allows you to create and host powerful, performant data apps. Explore data in notebooks, build data apps using the open-source Observable Framework, and host static sites on a platform purpose-built for displays of data.



Get started creating data apps:
  • Securely host 1 fast project
  • Work together with up to 5 users in your workspace
  • Iterate and explore your data in public or private notebooks


$300/mo for up to 10 users
$22/mo for additional users

when billed annually
All features in Starter, plus:
  • Collaborate with up to 10 users (or add more)
  • Host unlimited projects on Observable
  • Embed notebooks without attribution


Custom pricing

All features in Pro, plus:
  • Manage your workspace with user groups and audit logs
  • Maintain data security with advanced authentication
  • Receive priority customer support and training

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All plans seamlessly integrate with the open-source Observable Framework.

  • Build instant, beautiful data apps, dashboards, and reports as static sites.
  • Work in local files in any language.
  • Use a modern workflow: any editor, local preview, source control, unit tests, and CI/CD.
  • Accelerate delivery with built-in libraries including D3, Observable Plot, and dashboard CSS styles.

Developers at the world’s leading companies choose Observable’s end-to-end platform to build and share data apps, dashboards, and reports.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, with monthly billing Pro workspaces are $350 per month for up to 10 users and additional users cost $25/user.

When you upload files to your notebooks (eg: .csv, .svg, .png files), we limit the size of each file to 50 MB. There’s also a rolling quota of 1 GB over a 28 day period per user on uploads. For teams, we pool the quota for all team editors.

Yes! All workspaces support secrets (encrypted access keys) and database connections to access data sources from private notebooks. Learn more about database connections and secrets.

Yes! You can download your code as native JavaScript modules that will run anywhere using the open-source Observable runtime. You can also embed your whole notebook or specific cells on many platforms using iframes or script tags. Or you can download cell charts and images as .png or .svg files.

Yes! We offer discounts for educators and nonprofits. For education discounts please complete this form. To learn more about non-profit discounts, please email us at sales@observablehq.com.

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