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Future of Data Work: Q&A with Mike Bostock
Mike Bostock, our CTO and co-founder is the author of D3.js, an open-source library for data visualization which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and Observable Plot, a new library for exploratory visualization that builds on D3. We sat down with him for a Q&A.
Observable Ambassadors Take Up The #30DayMapChallenge
Over the past month, the Observable Ambassadors took on the annual #30DayMapChallenge, a community effort to collaboratively create maps focused on various human interest and business-focused topics.
Future of Data Work: Empowering Data Practitioners in One Place
The biggest challenge facing our connected world today is making sense of this data with ever-increasing complexity. For businesses, there is an urgent need for cross-functional teams to quickly discover data-driven insights to inform business decisions.
Spreadsheet-based data collaboration gets supercharged with Observable
Observable aims to make the end-to-end data-insights journey collaborative and efficient for cross-functional teams working with different types of data. We've recently added two new features to specifically address and streamline the end-to-end spreadsheet-based workflows: Cloud Files and xlsx pars
Future of Data Work: Collaboration and No Limits
Imagine all the ways that data flows through an organization. People explore and analyze data. People ask critical questions of data. All of these people bring diverse skills when engaging with data - data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, developers, product managers and decision makers.
Averting Disaster with Collaborative Data Visualization
Are you trying to keep up with a complex system at your work? Do you keep your finger on the pulse of sales or user signups? Or maybe you make sure the servers keep running when a surprise event happens?
Observable + GitHub 💞
Because GitHub is the largest developer platform in the world - where the world builds software - Observable is excited to share how GitHub users find answers through visualization. GitHub users can connect with their Github accounts, get started with community examples, and more...
Observable shares its first Research Report: State of Dataviz 2021
Observable is grateful to have a passionate community that has been using the platform and giving feedback from the early days. With their help, we’ve been conducting formal and ad hoc research over the past year and are sharing our insights with our first research report!
Observable: Discovering a New World
Observable ambassador & eBay engineer Andrew Wooldridge shares his inspiring journey, insights and tips related to using the Observable canvas.
Analyzing Time Series Data
These are stories about analyzing data that changes over time - data that spikes or dips, that diverge from forecasts, and have seasonal patterns. We hope that this will spark an idea about how to look at your own data in a new way.