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Observable: Discovering a New World
Observable ambassador & eBay engineer Andrew Wooldridge shares his inspiring journey, insights and tips related to using the Observable canvas.
Analyzing Time Series Data
These are stories about analyzing data that changes over time - data that spikes or dips, that diverge from forecasts, and have seasonal patterns. We hope that this will spark an idea about how to look at your own data in a new way.
#ObservableFTW contest & live events week! July 26-30
Holy guacamole, do we ever have an action-packed week of #dataviz planned for you! Join us July 26-30 for a community dataviz contest & livestream spree! Read more about how to participate below - we'll see you there!
Introducing Observable for Enterprise
Today, we are introducing Observable for Enterprise. ✨ This new Enterprise tier provides additional security and access control to support teams within larger organizations. It includes dedicated support, annual training and onboarding.
2021 Pride Month and LGBTQIA+ Equality
We are committed to prioritizing marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort, and to supporting the efforts to end oppression and systemic discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. You will find more about our company commitment to equality in this collection.
Introducing Observable Templates!
At Observable, we believe that business outcomes and decision-making can be greatly improved if everyone in a team can work with data and gain insights, together... But, we also know that not everyone wants to start from scratch! Today, we are launching the first set of Observable Templates.
Database outage on May 18, 2021
Upgrading our primary database led to degraded performance of search and collection queries, impacting users during our live Twitch stream workshop on Tuesday. We have resolved the issue and improved Observable’s performance.
When What You Notice Isn’t What’s Wrong
Movies - During quarantine I’ve been watching a lot of terrible movies late at night. Often I watch them alone, making snarky comments to myself, “There’s no way she could make it downtown in 10 minutes during rush hour!” Sometimes I try to explain their horribleness to my partner the next day.
Introducing Observable Plot
We are thrilled to announce Observable Plot, a new open-source JavaScript library for exploratory data visualization. Observable’s mission is to help everyone make sense of the world with data. To succeed, we need to make visualization easier and faster, both to learn and to practice.
“Yes And”: Collaboration for software developers
For the foreseeable future, people (or "developers") are writing the world's software. In 2020, there were ~56M+ developers on Github with a predicted 100M+ by 2025 (almost doubling in 5 years!!). Many more people are writing software than ever before.