Use data to think,

Explore and visualize data.
Share and publish your insights.
Discover and be inspired.

Reimagine how you interact with data

  • Perform ad hoc exploratory analysis and build custom interactive dashboards.
  • Your code runs automatically for instant feedback.
  • Seamlessly add interaction and animation with our streamlined workspace.

The world of visualization at your fingertips

  • Choose from thousands of notebooks to import or fork and customize them to your needs.
  • All your favorite libraries and web technologies integrated in one place.
  • Turn any notebook into a mini library by importing cells.

Collaborate with community

  • Asynchronous collaboration through forking, suggesting, and merging.
  • Build together with real-time multiplayer editing.
  • You can share your notebooks with one person, with your team, or with the world.
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Ben Ayre

Ben Ayre


The big thing for us has been the team functionality. It's opened up our analysis and visualisation work to everyone involved, regardless of their technical ability

Rebecca Slatkin

Rebecca Slatkin


Oh my freaking god is amazing. when my mom sees how much free time I spend making interactive static charts, scatter plots, line charts, parallel coordinates etc she's going to abandon her dream of grandchildren once and for all

Chris Marx

Chris Marx


I ❤️ this so much. If you haven't used @observablehq, I highly recommend it. It's a super easy way to get started with #javascript for #datascience or #gis. You can learn JS and forget about #python, #rstats or anything else and easily share everything you do bcuz... internetz :)

Ludwig Schubert

Ludwig Schubert


When prototyping, implementing and sharing ideas becomes so easy that it hardly feels like publishing, then it is the future of scientific publishing. <3 @observablehq !

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