The best dashboards are built with code.

Observable offers a modern way to create powerful, performant, polyglot data apps built on open source.

Deploy on Observable to share instantly, privately, and securely.

Leading data teams choose Observable’s end-to-end platform to build and host fast data apps.

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A workflow tailored to data apps

Move beyond legacy BI tools that only offer generic dashboards and discover a more convenient, cost-effective alternative to custom app development.

Build locally, your way

Observable’s open-source framework uses a file-based workflow. Code in your preferred editor and check everything into git. You can even develop and preview offline.

Any language, any library

Load and transform your data in Python, SQL, R, or any language you like. Then tap into the full capabilities of the browser to display data with JavaScript in the client. It’s the best of all worlds.

Learn more about data loaders

Instant dashboards

Nobody wants to wait for a query to load. Observable takes snapshots of data during build so your dashboards load instantly. Say goodbye to spinners.

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Continuous deployment

Bring CI/CD to your dashboards and data apps. Test before you ship, use automatic deploy-on-commit, and ensure your projects are always up-to-date. Self-manage scheduled builds and deploy to Observable or self-host.

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Purpose-built for data apps

Observable is the end-to-end platform with everything enterprise data teams need to build and host polished data apps, dashboards, and reports.

Management module

Keep data apps up-to-date with CI/CD best practices. Seamlessly host on Observable and securely share data apps with secret links.

Analytics built-in

Monitor data app usage and engagement with analytics.

Security and access management

Ensure everyone has access to the data apps they need with SSO, role-based access control, audit logs, and more.

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Thomas Degry

When launching ChatGPT, our team at OpenAI leveraged Observable to craft and disseminate crucial visual charts that proved invaluable when showcasing our developmental processes and features to a broad audience with ease.

Thomas Degry
Thomas Degry

Leaders in data visualization

From the creators of D3 and Observable Plot, our solution is trusted by hundreds of thousands of data practitioners.

Learn best practices and discover new ways of presenting data with useful templates and examples from our team and our community.

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Loved by developers

I'm getting happy tears every time I see the data files getting regenerated when data loaders change


Youssef A

Beautiful interface, love this product

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Lena D

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