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Create fast, beautiful data apps, dashboards, and reports from the command line. Write Markdown, JavaScript, SQL, Python, R… and any language you like. Free and open-source.

npm init "@observablehq"
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Observable Framework is an open-source static site generator for data apps, dashboards, reports, and more. Framework includes a preview server for local development, and a command-line interface for automating builds & deploys.

You write simple Markdown pages — with interactive charts and inputs in reactive JavaScript, and with data snapshots generated by loaders in any programming language (SQL, Python, R, and more) — and Framework compiles it into a static site with instant page loads for a great user experience. Since everything is just files, you can use your preferred editor and source control, write unit tests, share code with other apps, integrate with CI/CD, and host projects anywhere.

Framework includes thoughtfully-designed themes, grids, and libraries to help you build displays of data that look great on any device, including Observable Plot, D3, Mosaic, Vega-Lite, Graphviz, Mermaid, Leaflet, KaTeX, and myriad more. And for working with data in the client, there’s DuckDB, Arquero, SQLite, and more, too.

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