• Windows support: Framework now supports Windows!

  • Self-hosted npm: imports: Framework now automatically downloads npm: imports during preview and build, improving performance and security by removing external dependencies, and allowing offline development. This applies to static imports, dynamic imports, and import resolutions (import.meta.resolve).

  • Node 18+ support: We now ship pre-built JavaScript rather than relying on a custom module loader to load TypeScript at runtime, allowing us to support older versions of Node.

  • Yarn Berry support: Framework now supports both Yarn Classic (1.x) and the most recent versions of Yarn (4.x).

  • CommonMark compatibility: Framework now conforms to the CommonMark spec, removing a quirk with blank lines and allowing Markdown within HTML blocks.

  • Content-hashed file names: Framework now generates content-hashed file names, ensuring cache-breaking on deploy and allowing cache-control: immutable for faster page loads.

  • Draft mode: The new draft: true front matter option allows you to exclude pages from build until they are ready for publication.

  • Improved search: Search now supports all Unicode writing systems, normalizes diacritics and HTML entities, and a new keywords option.

  • Apache ECharts, markdown-it plugins, bug fixes, and more…

See our release notes on GitHub for everything new in Framework 1.1!