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Projects are created with Observable Framework, our open-source static site generator for data apps, dashboards, and reports.

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Example projects

Projects are the easiest and most powerful way to query data in any language and build beautiful displays of data.

Log analysis at scaleView project
Log analysis at scale

An interactive heatmap written in D3 surfaces anomalous activity from millions of API requests stored in an Arrow file.

Live web API polling dashboardView project
Live web API polling dashboard

JavaScript data loaders retrieve hourly data from a web API and reveal time and geographic patterns through interactivity.

Interactively explore US dam conditionsView project
Interactively explore US dam conditions

Interactive maps and charts made with and Plot, and an R data loader to access records from the National Inventory of Dams.

Open-source project health dashboardView project
Open-source project health dashboard

TypeScript data loaders pull git and npm metadata about Observable Plot to visually summarize activity.

Reservations by market segmentView project
Reservations by market segment

Exploration of hotel data showcasing use of interactive charts with D3 and Observable Plot.

Monitor weekly mortgage ratesView project
Monitor weekly mortgage rates

TypeScript data loader that fetches mortgage rate data displayed in an interactive chart built with Observable Plot.


Highlighted community projects

Explore a curated collection of public projects developed by the Observable community.


Observable notebooks are great for ad-hoc data exploration, prototyping, and collaboration via multiplayer editing and interactive data previews.

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Stephanie Tuerk

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Stephanie Tuerk

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