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Explaining code.
Keep up to date on features, functionality and fun news at Observable.
Keep up with the latest features and improvements to Observable.
A selection of notebooks related to COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.
A collection of examples of US County based maps for reference and inpsiration
Product documentation and user guides
Notebooks can be embedded and customized anywhere on the web (or off it).
Observable will work to further the goals of equality. We will enable data exploration for justice. We are committed to prioritizing marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. We will not be silent. We will act.
Be an active reader with these playful interactive explanations.
Brand new and recreated vintage art, made with code and imagination.
A collection of notebooks shared on Instagram
Welcome to Observable! Get started with these tutorials.
Reusable notebooks, ready for import and remix.
Embrace your inner shapefile. Or GeoJSON or TopoJSON. 🌍
A tailored introduction to Observable from the Jupyter & Python perspective.
So you want to make a chart…
A design challenge issued by @palewire and the subsequent responses
Conquered the introduction to Observable? Here are some next steps.
Learn Observable step by step with a series of guided tutorials.
Notebooks from our livestreams on Twitch, where members of our team & community code and learn together 📺✨
Explore and explain patterns in quantitative data using D3 and Vega.
Harness the raw power of the GPU using WebGL, THREE.js and regl.