Data as a team sport.
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Collaborate privately with your team on interactive dashboards and apps. Share insights and drive better decisions with data.

A Team Sport

  • JavaScript, reimagined for humans.
  • Thoughtful collaboration through forking, suggesting, and merging.
  • Go realtime with multiplayer editing and commenting.
  • Collaborate in private with your team, or in public with the world.

Live Data

  • Query your data, live, by connecting securely to SQL databases and HTTPS APIs.
  • Perform ad hoc analysis and rapid response reporting.
  • Build private interactive dashboards.
  • Share team secrets to keep private API keys protected.

Stay in Sync

  • Stay up-to-date on your team’s latest activity.
  • All your notebooks, organized and easy to find.
  • Incorporate new innovative visualizations and techniques from the community.

Used by thousands of developers, journalists and data scientists

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David Eads

David Eads


There is something _deeply_ satisfying about being in a shared @observablehq notebook and checking back and seeing thanks to a collaborator, it has greatly evolved in the past 15 minutes.

Aaron Colby Williams

Aaron Colby Williams


@observablehq is my go-to tool for quickly sketching ideas w/o a full dev setup. I was able to share sketches (privately!) and iterate as the story and design evolved. Both graphics started as forks of a notebook I use for almost all my Observable work.

Stephanie Tuerk

Stephanie Tuerk


Senior leadership at my company really appreciate how quickly Observable Teams has allowed us to turn around interactive visualizations with a ton of visual appeal and extremely intuitive interfaces. I have never seen them embrace a new technology this fast. And of course the notebooks are literally fun for me to write code in -- I would be happy to make things in them until the cows come home.

Joshua Tauberer

Joshua Tauberer


I've gotten my company (my day job, scientific computing software) to start using @observablehq and it is a brilliant product. I could do a whole thread on why it will be the next niche unicorn.

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