🚀 Databricks and MongoDB integrations are now available in Observable.

Smart decisions are made with people and data

Observable helps your team reach better outcomes faster by making sense of data together.

From the creators of D3 with 300M+ downloads, join the thousands of organizations making data-driven decisions faster with Observable

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Bring multiple data sources into a single view

Securely integrate your data from the cloud, database, and local files into one place without installing anything, for anyone. Ever.


Build charts your team can actually understand

Start from Observable Plot rather than scratch with plug-and-play code snippets that accelerate your ability to turn complex data into clear, visual stories.

“Making the data exploration process a two-way street has been transformative for us.”

David Eads

Data Editor at The Marshall Project


Explore, analyze, and iterate on data together

Filter, sort, and interact with data visualizations in the same notebook, at the same time, to uncover insights, answer questions, and get to aha moments faster.


Share and present data insights in context

Get relevant feedback, support recommendations, and validate ideas in confidence knowing everyone’s on the same page.

“With Observable, we are able to explore, iterate, and collaborate much more effectively. All the logic is transparent - even when disparate data sets and APIs are used. This allows us to coalesce the knowledge of many data scientists, engineers, and domain experts working across the company into one cohesive document. We are literally all on the same page.”

Tarek Rached

Director of Algo UI at StitchFix


Make data-driven decisions in fewer meetings

Facilitate deeper, more inclusive conversations with cross-functional collaborators and stakeholders, and move projects forward with less back-and-forth.

How it works

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