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Data visualization designer. Now Digital Designer at the Financial Times. Before at UCB Biopharma, BBC News & the Senseable City Lab. I like making dots move on the screen
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Genuary2024, Vera MolnárDroste effect, Genuary2024Genuary2022, ArchitectureGenuary2022, Destroy a square.Genuary2022, Fidenza challengeGenuary2022, spaceGenuary2022, Dithering (Floyd-Steinberg)Genuary2022, Draw 10,000 of somethingAlmost a SierpinskiKoch CurveUCB's logo built with 8,000 dots
Canvas, P5.js and circle packing (collision and cluster force) on a map
Generative design Notebook 1: colours and squaresGenerative design Notebook 4: obtaining colour palettes from imagesGenerative design Notebook 6.1: shapesGenerative design Notebook 6.2: shapesGenerative design Notebook 7: alignment in a gridGeneralization of the Sierpinski triangle - FractalsGenerative design Notebook 5: colour palettes from rulesGeneralization of the Sierpinski triangle - Fractals v2BBC Coronavirus tribute: 1 Global FlowerBBC Coronavirus tribute: all countries (weekly)BBC Coronavirus tribute: all countries (daily)BBC Coronavirus Tribute: 1 Country, 1 FlowerBBC Coronavirus tribute: all countries (weekly & mobile)BBC Coronavirus Tribute - Grid of flowers#genuary 2021 ~ Monochrome gradients without lines#genuary 2021 ~ Increase the randomness along the Y-axis#genuary 2021 ~ One process grows, another process prunes#genuary 2021 ~ Draw a line...#genuary 2021 ~ Subdivision#genuary 2021 ~ Triangle subdivision#genuary 2021 ~ Do some golf!#genuary 2021 ~ Small areas of symmetry#genuary 2021 ~ Something Human#genuary 2021 ~ 3 loops#genuary 2021 ~ Rule 30#genuary 2021 ~ Rule 30Canvas, P5 and circle packing in a map
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