Observable is built as a space where those who work with data can come together to explore, analyze, discover and communicate with each other. While data work may be challenging, with the contributions of you, the community, it is easier than ever to work together and make sense of data.

Our community inspires data collaborators around the world to share, learn, and teach. Every day our community invents new and creative ways to explore and visualize data. Not only that, but they do so with kindness, respect, and passion. Observable is built for and powered by our whole community.

This year, we would like to recognize extraordinary members of our community; those who have gone above and beyond. These engaged and supportive community members help us grow and develop as we continue our journey of making data accessible to everyone.

We would also like to acknowledge all of our wonderful Observable Ambassadors who have given their time and talent to help us spread awareness for the Observable platform.