What is Observable?

Observable’s collaborative environment empowers teams to explore and visualize data, and then export visualizations to reports, data apps, or dashboards. Teams work faster and more effectively, driving actionable insights that power better decision making.

Create powerful visualizations fast.

With Observable, create insightful and impactful charts, graphs, reports, dashboards and data apps, fast. With an intuitive web-based platform, helpful templates, and a supportive, expert community, you can create interactive, live charts in minutes, as well as highly customized data visuals to export to any tool, site, or application. In Observable, sophisticated, insightful analyses and visualization happen quickly. This means teams are empowered to make decisions faster.

Seamless collaboration among team members with different skills

A Data Analyst has different strengths and areas of expertise than an operations lead, a product manager, or a CRO. Yet each of their skills are required for making data-driven decisions. In Observable, team members with complementary knowledge collaborate in real time. This speeds up the process of uncovering data insights, resulting in faster and more efficient decision-making.

Bring in your data from anywhere.

Connect to your live data source directly and securely from your notebook through database connectors, spreadsheets and other cloud files. Get started faster with your data workflow and avoid the long lag of jumping through ETL tools. 

Inspect and transform data.

Inspect your data quickly in the notebook with built-in UI components and tools like checkboxes, date selectors, and color palette selections. Get a scannable, tabular display with automatically generated summary charts. Write SQL queries and explore your database data in real time. Transform data with built-in support for libraries like Arquero.

Visualize data

In Observable, data visualization is fluid and iterative. Take the output of your data explorations to build interactive charts and graphs in the same notebook.  Use UI tools (eg: radio buttons, sliders, search bars) and visualization libraries such as Observable Plot, which lets you easily and quickly create visualizations that communicate clear data insights. Leverage native support for other popular libraries like D3, Vega, VegaLite and more. 

Share insights as reports, dashboards and data apps.

Add text and prose to provide context to the visualizations. Create a report, a dashboard and even a data app that you can easily share with your team, your organization, your clients, or share with the world. You can set specific access levels for collaborators so they can view and comment, edit directly or make suggestions to your notebooks. 

Export and empower

Sharing out of Observable is efficient and flexible. Notebooks can be formatted and shared directly as reports, data apps, or dashboards. Or, they can be exported and embedded into other tools and websites with the click of a button.

Let your insights evolve...