The community is the heart of Observable: it’s how people learn and get inspired; it’s how people find examples, templates, and components to accelerate their work. They build upon each other’s creativity, approaches, and skills. In fact, the majority of our users get started by forking someone else’s example: it’s the easiest way to get started. But what an individual can do is just a tiny part of what is possible when people come together in Observable and start collaborating with each other.

To date, our free accounts have limited collaboration with others to 5 folks in a notebook. Our Paid Teams customers have shared how powerful it has been for their data teams to get on the same page with Observable’s collaborative platform: It has helped them create more streamlined data workflows, and get better insights faster by working together. We realized that our community as a whole would benefit from the same data collaboration support those using Paid Teams get. So why keep this hidden away within private workspaces only?

Introducing Free Teams

Today, in support of a vibrant, open, and collaborative future of data, we are launching Free Teams. Now, everyone can collaborate with their data people, openly and easily in public, for free!

What are the benefits of working in Teams?

With Free Teams, you can collaborate with people who have different skill sets: be it subject matter expertise, web development, data science background, or a deep familiarity with a particular dataset. Together you can find a deeper understanding of data, and do so much faster than anyone is able to accomplish alone.

How does it work?

Create a Free Team in one click, give it a name, and invite as many people to the team as you want. Editors and viewers are free.Your team will have live, public notebooks. Guests can see your updates without needing to republish or refresh.You can organize your team’s notebooks in collections, and transfer notebooks between your team members.

Preview of the new Free Teams feature on Observable

What about private data work?

Free Teams empowers our community and anyone interested in data work to collaborate openly. If you want a private workspace to work with your private data, check out Observable Teams. You can access private databases, private files, API keys, secrets and more. You can upgrade your free Team account to a private Team anytime. You can learn more about Private Teams here.

To learn more about working with Observable Free Teams, you can visit our documentation, or the Observable Forum.

We can’t wait to see what you uncover in your collaborative data work!