Observable helps you use data to think.

Observable helps you explore and visualize data. It’s a platform to discover, to be inspired, and to accelerate your learning. You can share your insights with the world. Above all, it’s a community of people helping each other learn and create together.

Observable was born out of many years of creation in the world of data visualization and understanding developer productivity.

You can explore data and create. Working in the notebook allows you to tinker, try things and interact real-time as you explore. The notebook is a running environment with no compiling required. Rather than track dependencies in your head, Observable re-evaluates cells whenever things change, like a spreadsheet.

Observable offers thousands of visualizations to start from: charts with D3 and Observable Plotmapsart, and other components. You can fork any notebook, or import from other notebooks, to reuse code without duplicating. You don’t have to start with a blank slate. There are no limits to what you can do.

By interacting with code, data, and visualizations together, your work is transparent. You can see and learn directly from what is visible in the notebook. Visualization is a tool for thinking by tapping into our human visual system. It enables more intuitive learning and exploration. It is a means to an end. The end is the insight you gain.

You can share and collaborate with others, within a team, and across the platform. You can share what you create and learn from others. Observable helps break down walls between people and tools (e.g. developers and data scientists can work together). Creators from different domains can collaborate, sharing what they know with each other and the world.

Observable is here to help you use data to think. Join our community of people helping each other on their data exploration journey.