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“Using Observable and JavaScript empowers us to streamline our workflow and embrace the joy of nearly seamless development”




Successes with Observable

  • Troubleshoot tens of thousands of community-driven datasets
  • Recognize top community members for their AI & ML open source contributions
Sylvain Lesage

Sylvain Lesage

Software Engineer
Radames Ajna

Radames Ajna

Software Engineer

In a world captivated by the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hugging Face emerges as a guiding light, offering a comprehensive ecosystem where developers can explore the possibilities and unleash the potential of their data-driven applications.

At Hugging Face, a team of dedicated professionals cultivates an open-source community focused on advancing Natural Language Processing, computer vision, audio, and multimodal domains and provides developers with an extensive array of tools and libraries.

A standout achievement among their contributions is the development of the Transformers library, which introduces comprehensive, pre-trained models designed for a myriad of tasks, including text classification, named entity recognition, question answering, and language translation. It also ensures framework interoperability among PyTorch, TensorFlow, and JAX. By leveraging the Transformers library, developers gain the ability to augment their AI applications with formidable language processing capabilities.

From constructing chatbots to analyzing sentiment in text and facilitating language translation, the possibilities are nearly endless. Developers gravitate towards this library due to its user-friendly nature, an extensive selection of models, and the capacity to fine-tune models on bespoke datasets, rendering them highly effective for specific use cases.

While the Hugging Face team has honed their expertise in data-driven development, they have also recognized challenges encountered when utilizing D3. Despite the output D3 offers, the team found it arduous to swiftly prototype and develop data applications that can shed light on trends on their platform. In their pursuit of seamless and efficient data app development, Hugging Face’s data team has brought forth their wealth of experience and expertise to create innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on, but they needed to work faster than D3 would allow.

Bridging D3 experience and lineage with Observable Plot

The bridge between D3 and Observable Plot has revolutionized the way the Hugging Face team approaches data visualization. This powerful tool has quickly become their go-to solution for creating expressive yet efficient visualizations. In fact, they estimate that by utilizing Observable Plot, they can achieve remarkably similar results in just a fraction of the time it previously took with D3. This significant time savings has a profound impact on their workflow, allowing the team to dedicate more time to exploring and analyzing the data rather than coding intricate charts and dashboards.

As a platform that supports a thriving community of data contributors, Hugging Face faces the challenge of reviewing and analyzing tens of thousands of datasets, but reviewing each dataset individually is an impractical endeavor. To overcome this obstacle, the team leverages the power of Observable Plot to extract valuable statistical insights regarding common errors present in user presentations. This enables them to efficiently identify, prioritize, and resolve the most significant issues, empowering them to provide effective solutions in a timely manner.

A visualization of the most common errors in user presentations, using Observable PlotA visualization of the most common errors in user presentations, using Observable Plot

Recognize top community members for open source contributions

Observable Plot has also played a crucial role in collaborative training programs, where it has helped the team identify and acknowledge noteworthy contributions from their community. By embracing the decentralized knowledge base shared by community members, Hugging Face continues to foster a rich and accessible resource for everyone involved.

“As a JavaScript developer, beauty lies in simplicity, and with Observable there are no worries about complex infrastructure, deployment, or sharing code. Everything becomes almost effortlessly easy when you work in the browser,” said Sylvain Lesage, Software Engineer. “And with all of the improved integration and documentation, gone are the days of scouring for inputs or creating charts from scratch. Using Observable and JavaScript empowers us to streamline our workflow and embrace the joy of nearly seamless development.”

As the artificial intelligence and machine learning industries continue to expand at a rapid pace, the contributions from open-source community members, exemplified by those on Hugging Face, become increasingly vital for achieving success. With their dedication and expertise, these community members play a crucial role in advancing the field. Fortunately, the Hugging Face team is well-equipped to handle the challenges posed by the vast number of submissions, thanks to the indispensable tool provided by Observable.

Improved contribution insights is just the start

Observable empowers the team to efficiently manage, troubleshoot, and make sense of the immense volume of contributions, ensuring that valuable insights are extracted and shared with the wider community. This symbiotic relationship between Hugging Face and Observable contributes to the continued growth and progress of the AI and ML industries as a whole.

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