AI Assist just got a big upgrade with improved support for Observable Plot and D3. Plus, it’s now even easier for you to take advantage of this feature without having to use your own OpenAI API key.

Let’s explore what’s new with AI Assist and how you can get started using it today.

Use AI Assist to write Observable Plot or D3 code 

We created AI Assist to help users work with data more efficiently in Observable. Initially, this beta feature helped users write SQL and functioned as a pairing partner that could answer general questions about data visualizations or error codes. We’ve continued to invest in expanding the functionality of AI Assist and are excited to announce improved support for Observable Plot and D3. 

AI Assist can now be a reliable pairing partner throughout more of your data workflow. Our new functionality reduces the burden of experimentation by building charts in Observable Plot or D3 for you. This allows you to more efficiently explore your data visually and can help you generate useful starting points to customize based on your specific goals. For users who are less familiar with Observable Plot or D3, AI Assist can also help you modify existing charts. 

Explore Observable and get answers with our experimental documentation agent

AI Assist can also be used as a documentation agent as the model has been tailored to return results based on Observable’s documentation pages. Ask the chat questions about features, functionality, or troubleshooting without leaving your current workflow in the notebook to get answers. 

Try AI Assist on us 

For the month of October, all new and existing Pro and Enterprise users can take advantage of 70,000 tokens to use AI Assist for free. This means that you no longer need to have an OpenAI API key to try out this feature.

For current workspaces, the quota is available now. If you aren’t yet using Observable, simply sign up for a free Pro trial and you’ll automatically have a quota of tokens to use during your trial period. 

You can read more about these developments and experimental features in our release notes.


Is AI Assist available to free users?

AI Assist is still available only for Pro or Enterprise workspaces, but any workspace that upgrades from Free during October 2023 is eligible for this promotion. 

Please be aware that accounts with a 100% off coupon applied (free usage) are not eligible for this promotion.

How are the tokens applied and who can use them?

70k tokens are issued for each workspace seat and are made available across the entire workspace. For example, if you have a total of two workspace seats, then you will be issued 140k tokens that can be used by all users within that workspace.

What happens if you use all the tokens in your workspace?

Once you’ve used up your token quota, you’ll get a notification prompt to enter in your OpenAPI key.

Can I buy / add more tokens?

The promotional token issuance for AI Assist is a one-time offer for the month of October and cannot be purchased or added to. To continue to use the AI Assist feature beyond the promotional tokens, users are required to establish and link their OpenAI API account within their Observable workspace.

Are the tokens for everyone on the team or just specific seat types, such as the account owner?

Tokens are available to everyone on the team.