At Observable, we believe that business outcomes and decision-making can be greatly improved if everyone in a team can work with data and gain insights, together. The Observable platform provides a rich, collaborative canvas to explore data and create interactive visuals. Our community has been building and sharing incredible dataviz and data-related artifacts. But, we also know that not everyone wants to start from scratch.

Today, we are launching the first set of Observable Templates. Now, you can create expressive and interactive data visualizations, charts and dashboards, without starting from a blank slate. And, you can use these templates without expertise in dataviz techniques or JavaScript.

Templates provide pre-packaged artifacts for common data-related workflows. Whether you are doing business planning, user research, devops, or running remote meetings and ice-breakers, Templates can help you create expressive, interactive documents with a simple CSV upload.

Here's an example, from our User Retention Template:


Building an accurate user retention dashboard can take days, if not weeks. With our User Retention Template, all you need to do is upload your data, and you'll get cohort grids and retention charts in minutes. Get your work done faster.

With Templates the data, visualizations, and text, all live together. You and everyone on your team can work with data, gain insights, and share with decision-makers, all using one document. Imagine the amount of work and time saved!

Underneath the pre-packaged Templates there is limitless flexibility. The code and data are right there, so you can customize, extend, and re-write any or all of it, as you see fit. With built-in and easy-to-use dataviz libraries such as Observable Plot and Observable Inputs, you can even create your own templates and components for your team's specific needs.

We want to make dataviz more approachable for anyone who wants to explore and communicate data insights. We'll continue to build more templates in more categories to help more people get their work done faster with Observable.Take a fresh look at your data and try Observable Templates. We can't wait to hear your feedback.