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Revenue by music format, 1973–2018New Zealand tourists, 1921–2018Sea ice extent, 1978–2017U.S. population by State, 1790–1990Hertzsprung–Russell diagramSpilhaus shoreline mapWalmart’s growthInequality in American citiesU.S. state choroplethWorld choroplethScatterplot matrixLine chart, multiple seriesLine chart with tooltipTreemapBar chart transitionsBand chartCancer survival ratesSlope chartDifference chartDiverging bar chartDiverging stacked bar chartScatterplotSpike mapBubble mapBox plotPSR B1919+21Normalized stacked area chartDirected chord diagramChord dependency diagramVolcano contoursRadial area chartRadial stacked bar chart, sortedRadial stacked bar chartHorizon chartSunburstStreamgraphTidy treeCluster treeRadial cluster treeBeeswarmIciclePie chartCircle packingRadial tidy treeHorizontal bar chartBubble chartStacked area chartLine chart, percent changeSankey diagramIndex chartDisjoint force-directed graphForce-directed graphHistogramBollinger bandsCandlestick chartConnected scatterplotDot plotGrouped bar chartStacked bar chart, normalizedStacked bar chart, horizontalStacked bar chartDonut chartLine chart, missing dataArea chart with missing dataArea chart
CalendarLine chartColor SchemesWord cloudd3.packEncloseNon-contiguous cartogramStar mapSolar pathSolar TerminatorWorld airports VoronoiU.S. airports VoronoiGeoTIFF contours IIVector fieldRaster & vectorClipped map tilesVector tilesRaster tilesWeb Mercator tilesTissot’s indicatrixProjection comparisonWorld map (canvas)Bivariate choroplethColor legendStyled axesGraticule labels (stereographic)Voronoi labelsPie chart componentBubble chart componentScatterplot with shapesRealtime horizon chartRidgeline plotParallel coordinatesThreshold encodingGradient encodingVariable-color lineMarey’s TrainsMarimekkoChord diagramHierarchical edge bundling IIHierarchical edge bundlingArc diagramMobile patent suitsForce-directed treeTree of LifeIndented treeCircle packing componentNested treemapCascaded treemapParallel setsNormal quantile plotQ–Q PlotHexbin mapHexbin (area)HexbinContoursDensity contoursKernel density estimationMoving averageSeamless zoomable map tilesZoomable bar chartZoomable area chartPannable chartBrushable scatterplot matrixBrushable scatterplotVersor draggingZoomable sunburstZoomable icicleCollapsible treeZoomable circle packingZoomable treemapHierarchical bar chartWorld tourOrthographic to equirectangularZoom to bounding boxSmooth zoomingStreamgraph transitionsStacked-to-grouped barsBar Chart RaceScatterplot tourTemporal force-directed graphAnimated treemap
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