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Natural breaksDistance to a segmentRay out of a convex hullWord Tour: 40k words and their friendsHello, @thi.ng/grid-iteratorsHead/tail breaksPseudo-blue noise shaderHow fast does walk-on-spheres converge?AoC 12: shortest path under constraintsKDE estimationPlot: Correlation heatmapPoisson Finish 2Poisson disk sampling functionsWoS with transportSimple and surprising sortLocal medianTime series topological subsamplingUnion-FindLevel set experiment 1Mean value coordinatesPoisson potentialMiddle-squareWorld of squares (spherical)World of squaresLargest Inscribed SquareHello, PyWaveletsGeothmetic meandianHello, Reorder.jsGeometric MedianImage FFTTransport to a mapDisc TransportTP3: Power Diagram and Semi-Discrete Optimal TransportThe blue waveHello, genetic-jsSliced Optimal TransportDruidJSSelf-Organising Maps meet DelaunayHello, polygon-clippingseedrandom, minimalWalk on Spheres 2Walk on SpheresHello, AutoencoderKaprekar’s numberVoronoiMap2DHello, ccwt.jsPolygon TriangulationQuantile.invert?Linear congruential generatorHue blurNeedle in a haystackMoving average blurApollo 11 implementation of trigonometric functions, by Margaret H. Hamilton (march 1969)2D curves intersectionThe 2D approximate Newton-Raphson methodInverting Lee’s Tetrahedral projectionLinde–Buzo–Gray stipplingMean shift clustering with kd-tree2D point distributionsShortest pathKahan SummationHello, delatinDijkstra’s algorithm in gpu.jsLloyd’s relaxation on a graphManhattan DiameterManhattan VoronoiMobility landscapes — an introductionDijkstra’s shortest-path treeH3 odditiesProtein MatrixConvex Spectral WeightsSort stuff by similarityKrigingDelaunay.findTrianglen-dimensions binning?Travelling with a self-organizing mapUMAP-o-MaticMNIST & UMAP-jsHello UMAP-jsMean shift clusteringLevenshtein transitionRd quasi-random sequencesAutomated label placement (countries)Phyllotaxis explainedMotionrugsPlanar hull (Andrew’s monotone chain algorithm)South Africa’s medial axisTravelling salesperson approximation with t-SNEDistance to shoreWorkerngraph: pagerank, louvain…t-SNE VoronoiCloud ContoursCircular function drawingKruskal MazeMyceliumTravelling salesperson approximation on the globe, with t-SNEtsne.jstsne.js & worker
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