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Date input

API · Source · The date input specifies a date.

const date = view(Inputs.date());

We recommend providing a label to improve usability. You can also supply an initial value; this can be specified as a Date instance, a string of the form YYYY-MM-DD, or the corresponding number of milliseconds since UNIX epoch.

const start = view(Inputs.date({label: "Start", value: "2021-09-21"}));

The value of a date input is a Date instance at UTC midnight, or null if an initial value is not specified. If the required option is set to true, then the initial value of the date input will be undefined instead of null, causing referencing cells to wait until a valid input is entered.

const rdate = view(Inputs.date({label: "Date", required: true}));

The datetime input is similar to the date input, except it allows a time to be specified in addition to a date. The time is specified in the user’s local time zone (for you, that’s ). Like a date input, the value is exposed as a Date instance. Dates are formatted by the Observable inspector as UTC; note the Z.

const datetime = view(Inputs.datetime({label: "Moment"}));

The min and max option allow you to set a lower and upper bound for valid inputs. Like the value option, these options may be specified either as a Date instance, as YYYY-MM-DD strings, or epoch milliseconds.

const birthday = view(Inputs.date({label: "Birthday", min: "2021-01-01", max: "2021-12-31"}));

If the input will trigger some expensive calculation, such as fetching from a remote server, the submit option can be used to defer the input from reporting the new value until the user clicks the Submit button or hits Enter. The value of submit can also be the desired contents of the submit button (a string or HTML).

const sdate = view(Inputs.date({label: "Date", submit: true}));

To prevent the value from being changed, use the disabled or readonly option.

const fixed = view(Inputs.date({label: "Fixed date", value: "2021-01-01", disabled: true}));
const readonly = view(Inputs.date({label: "Readonly date", value: "2021-01-01", readonly: true}));



The available date input options are:

The value of the input is a Date instance at UTC midnight of the specified date, or null if no (valid) value has been specified. Note that the displayed date format is based on the browser’s locale.