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Observable Plot

Observable Plot is a “JavaScript library for visualizing tabular data, focused on accelerating exploratory data analysis. It has a concise, memorable, yet expressive interface, featuring scales and layered marks.” It’s the sister library to our other visualization library, D3.js. Observable Plot is available by default as Plot in Markdown, but you can import it explicitly like so:

import * as Plot from "npm:@observablehq/plot";

To display a chart, call Plot.plot or mark.plot like so:

Plot.rectY(alphabet, {x: "letter", y: "frequency"}).plot()

As another example, here’s a pretty (but meaningless) Voronoi chart:

const random = d3.randomLcg(42);
const x = Array.from({length: 500}, random);
const y = Array.from({length: 500}, random);
const chart = Plot.voronoi(x, {x, y, fill: x}).plot({nice: true});


To include a sparkline in your text — or dots — say:

… include a ${Plot.lineY([1, 2, 0, 4, 0, 3, 1, 5, 7, 2, 3]).plot({axis: null, width: 80, height: 18})} sparkline…
… dots ${Plot.dotX("abcdef", {r: 5, fill: Plot.identity}).plot({axis: null, width: 80, height: 12})} — say…