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Protocol Labs simplifies data analysis & partner buy-in with Observable

“We can analyze millions of data points, provide detailed modeling, and predict the size and cost of prototypes.”



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Successes with Observable

  • Improve user experience, business processes and network performance
  • Translate data and benefits in a transparent, public way
Nicola Greco

Nicola Greco


The decentralized web is ever-evolving, and the team at Protocol Labs is working to build open source, peer-to-peer technologies and standards by ensuring their data workflow helps them stay ahead of the curve.

Protocol Labs is responsible for several popular blockchain-based protocols - networks run by sets of rules that allow data to be shared between computers related to decentralized data storage and sharing. The company relies heavily on a handful of platforms, including Observable, Notion, and Github to manage key aspects of their complex business.

The Challenge

A big challenge for Protocol Lab’s dedicated teams is determining how to use complex data to improve the speed from ideation to ecosystem buy-in. That means identifying and proving benefits for its ecosystem partners and global community.

As a distributed organization that requires input from partners to constantly ideate and develop end-user products that strive to improve “humanity’s most important technology”, Protocol Labs has its work cut out for itself. They turned to Observable for the solution.

The Observable Effects

Observable’s easy-to-use data exploration and visualization tools help the Protocol Labs teams move faster to explore, analyze, and explain complex data to build credibility, increase data confidence, maximize the skills of their entire team and make better decisions in a very public way.

Protocol Labs uses Observable to analyze millions of data points, provide detailed modeling, and predict the size and cost of prototypes. After internal teams review the predictive analysis, they discuss the findings publicly with their partners in a public Observable notebook.

For Web3 network organizations like Protocol Labs, project and platform transparency is key to earning support and buy-in from ecosystem partners. Data transparency builds trust in a system that enables anyone to review and fork the source code at any time and develop their own variations/models.

Improve user experience, business processes and network performance

To analyze Filecoin and IPFS user behaviors, Protocol Labs created the Product Market Fit dashboard using Observable Plot. The dashboard revealed important user patterns, issues, and acquisition sources.

Data analysis provides designers with valuable insights into gameplay, which ensures that players have a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. By using data to enhance their creativity, rather than limit it, designers can create more immersive and engaging video games that captivate players worldwide and impact their company’s bottom line.

The company also built a dashboard for practical business applications, including optimizing proof-of-concept sizes and reducing storage provider expenses. The Deal Failures notebook tracks the percentage of network failures and provides insights into network activity, providing full transparency and even allows the wider community to help troubleshoot issues in real time.

Product Market Fit chart for IPFSProtocol Labs created this Product Market Fit dashboard to better understand their user base.

Translate data and benefits in a transparent, public way

For the Filecoin project, Protocol Labs used Observable to accompany complex data analysis with visualizations to help teams explore and better understand the system when it was first proposed.

For companies like Protocol Labs, speed and transparency are key to making faster, data-decisions that impact both their global partners and everyone that relies on the decentralized Web.

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