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The workspace's previous invoices as well as estimated charges for the next billing cycle can be viewed in Settings > Billing.


You must be a workspace owner to make changes affecting workspace membership or billing.

Membership and billing

Inviting workspace members: You are not charged until the invitation is accepted, which causes the workspace's subscription quantity to be incremented. However, this does not immediately trigger a new invoice.

  • If you are billed monthly, your next invoice will include a prorated amount for the fraction of the billing cycle used by the new workspace member(s).
  • If you are billed annually, we will send a new invoice within a month of the change (if there was a net add to the workspace), to true up the annual license to the new subscription amount. This allows you to remove and add new workspace members and only deal with the net changes of the workspace composition once a month.

Invitations expire after 10 days, so you may need to re-invite members if they wait too long to accept the invitation.

Removing workspace members: Decrements the subscription quantity. You do not receive a refund if you remove workspace members during a billing cycle, but adding workspace members back would not result in a new charge.

Switching billing periods

Switching from monthly to annual billing: You can switch from monthly to annual billing, which will set a new billing cycle and immediately charge you for the year.

Switching from annual to monthly billing: It is likely that the invoice amount will be zero assuming that the prorated credit for billing annually is greater than the new monthly bill (that is, assuming that you switch to monthly billing more than one month from the end of your billing cycle). Your future monthly charges will be credited with the remainder of your annual payment.

Cancelling and deleting

Subscription cancellation: When a workspace owner cancels the subscription by pressing the “Cancel subscription” link on the billing screen:

  • The workspace will stay active until the end of the current billing period, at which point the workspace will be changed to the Starter tier.
  • While cancelled, a workspace owner may not add or remove workspace members, and outstanding invitations will not be accepted. They may, however, resubscribe.
  • If, at the end of the current billing cycle, the workspace has too many members or deployed projects, the workspace will be set to a read-only state and the owner will need to reduce members and projects (or resubscribe to Pro) in order to edit notebooks or projects.

(This is also described in our terms of service.)

Workspace deletion: A workspace owner can request that the workspace be deleted by clicking the 'Delete workspace' button on the general settings page:

  • The workspace is marked as deleted, and stops appearing in search results, on public listings, and in the user menu of workspace members.
  • All workspace notebooks, collections, secrets, and database credentials are deleted.
  • If the workspace owner added people to the workspace before deleting, there could be a final bill, which will be immediately charged.

Failed payments

  • The workspace owner will be notified about failed payment(s).
  • If there is no response, the subscription will be cancelled, and the workspace will either be changed to the Starter tier, or, if there are more members or projects than the Starter tier can accept, it will become read-only.
  • In order to reactivate a lapsed account, the workspace owner must submit valid payment information or reduce members and projects in order to change to the Starter tier.