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Observable makes sharing your work with others easy and productive. Whether you are part of a Starter, Pro, or Enterprise workspace, you can share with everyone (public) and with Pro and Enterprise, you can also share privately with individuals in your workspace.

Starter workspaces

The Share modal (projects or notebooks) allows you to define access granted to the public (external access):

  • Can view makes the project or notebook viewable by the public. In addition, search engines can index these assets.
  • Can view (unlisted) makes the project or notebook viewable by the public but only if they know the URL. They would not show up in search results, and they are also blocked from search engine crawlers.
  • No access makes the projects or notebook invisible to the public and to search queries in Observable

Pro workspaces

ProLearn more about Pro

In additon, in Pro workspaces you can also share privately within your team. You can either share a project or notebook with the whole team, or you can share with individuals. If you have guest editors or viewers in the workspace, you can also share with those guests. Note that sharing with the team does not grant access to guests in the workspace. See the Membership section for more information.

The sharing dialog, where you can specify the sharing level of your notebook or project.
Sharing a project with your team
  • Can view or edit makes the projects or notebook viewable and editable by your team (limited by their team membership level).
  • Can view makes the project or notebook viewable but not editable, even if the team members are editors or owners in the workspace.
  • No access makes the project or notebook inaccessible to your team and to search queries in Observable

When sharing notebooks with individuals, they will receive an email message with a link to the notebook and an optional message.

Default sharing level

Newly created notebooks will default to being visible to the team (except guests), and will appear in the team's notebook listings and search results. (This is a configurable setting; if you wish, the team owner can go into Settings and make the default for newly-created notebooks to be visible only to the creator.)

Enterprise workspaces

EnterpriseLearn more about Enterprise

Group Sharing

Enterprise workspaces have the ability to share work with Groups, which are defined lists of users on a given workspace.

Searching for workspace members will also return Groups, allowing you to easily grant access to multiple workspace members. Like users, you can grant a group edit and/or view access to content. This has the advantage that any resources shared with that group will automatically be available to a new member assigned to that group. See our Groups documentation for more details.