Use your Observable work however you want.

Choose how and where to surface the work done in Observable with portability options.

Sharing is instant.

Share a link or add a colleague's email address. Provide full edit access for collaboration or view/comment only for stakeholder feedback. Update access levels with a simple click.

Read about sharing.

Embedding in websites.

Embed the live version of your work into an existing website. You can take select portions of your work, or the entire notebook. Get a preview as you select which parts of the notebook to include.

Read about embedding.

Export your code.

All code in Observable notebooks can be compiled and downloaded as a JavaScript module, ready to run in any JavaScript environment.

Read about exporting work.

Download data as CSV or JSON.

If you need to get a data file out of Observable, we automatically offer CSV or JSON file downloads.

Read about downloading data.

Export your visualizations.

Download your visualizations as SVG or PNG.