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Users can collaborate in workspaces if they are members of the workspace. When a workspace is created, the creator becomes an 'owner' of the workspace. There could be multiple members in the workspace with different roles.

Starter workspaces

Starter workspaces can only have a single member (the owner). In order to collaborate with others in private, the workspace will need to be upgraded to Pro (see our Pricing page).

Pro workspaces

Invite workspace members

Owners can invite people from the Membership page of their workspace by entering an email address or Observable username. Multiple people can be invited in bulk by separating email addresses by commas or spaces.

The Invite workspace members dialog, with an input field for the email and a drop-down for the role.
Enter the username or email address of each person to be invited to your team.


Each workspace member has a role that defines what permissions they have in the workspace. They will be able to access private workspace resources such as projects, notebooks and collections.

  • Owners manage the workspace, control settings, and are the sole members with the ability to permanently delete notebooks. They can add, remove, or change the roles of workspace members. Multiple owners can exist in a workspace, each with the same editing capabilities as Editors.
  • Editors can create, edit, share, publish, and trash notebooks and projects in a workspace.
  • Viewers can view projects and notebooks in the workspace, and can search for and comment on notebooks, but not edit them.

In addition to these, we also support guest editors and viewers, which have limited capabilities and can only access content specifically shared with them.

  • Guest Editors can only comment on and edit projects and notebooks that have been explicitly shared with them. They are not able to create new notebooks or update the permissions (sharing).
  • Guest Viewers can only view projects and notebooks that have been explicitly shared with them.

Invite by domain

ProLearn more about Pro

Pro and Enterprise workspace owners can automatically invite members of their organization to their workspace based on their domain. They can configure a domain that they are authenticated to along with a default role, and once set up, when users from that domain sign up for Observable (using Google, Microsoft or SSO with OpenID Connect) they will given a choice to automatically join the workspace.

Enterprise workspaces

The following additional features are available on Enterprise workspaces.


EnterpriseLearn more about Enterprise

A screenshot of the Groups section in the settings, showing different groups with their members
Enterprise workspaces have a Groups section.

Groups allow you to share notebooks, collections, database connections and secrets for a defined list of users. Under the Membership section in your Enterprise workspace settings, you'll find a section for Groups. There you can create a new group by clicking on the "New Group" button, adding a name to your group, and selecting workspace members to that group. Owners and editors can create new groups. A workspace editor can add or remove other workspace members from a group that they are a member of, and they can also delete a group that they are on. A workspace owner can edit or delete any group.

Once you've set up your group, you can share content like you normally would for any individual user. See Sharing for more information.